Aluminium Clips skirting board "Cultus 45"

(1) Secure the holder

(1) Halter befestigen

Mark drill holes and pre-drill. Insert anchors in the drill holes making sure they do not protrude. Screw clip in. Thanks to the elongated slots, the holder can be perfectly aligned so that it can be set close to the floor. We recommend using pan head screws. A clip should be fixed every 40 – 50 cm.

(2) Option: lay cables

(2) Optional: Kabel verlegen

Cables can be inserted in the cable trap of the clip. The flexible safety bars help prevent the cables from springing back or from being damaged during assembly. A specialist should be called in for live wiring.

(3) Corner and connecting pieces

(3) Eck- und Verbindungsstücke

Start at the corner of a room and work in one direction. Please note: the accessories (interior and exterior corners, connecting pieces and end pieces) must be fitted on the aluminium skirting board before assembly. They must be mounted together with the board and cannot be retrofitted.

(4) Install skirting boards

(4) Sockelleiste montieren

The bars of the aluminium skirting board are pushed at a 45 degree angle into the grooves of the mounting clips. The skirting board will be at an angle and slotted in progressively. Since the bars and the grooves on the clip are designed without indentation, the assembly can be done quickly and without a lot of effort.

(5) Disassembly

(5) Demontage

Remove an end piece and the skirting board can then be easily lifted from the holders. Alternatively: carefully slide in a spatula on the floor under the skirting boards and lift up from the holders.