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LED duct LUXline

Brings light into every corner.

LED technology opens up possibilities in lighting design which would have been unimaginable years ago. A high luminous efficiency with low cost and long life are tangible economic benefits. Simple ways of lighting control and new concepts with colored or white light upgrade LED technology to a design highlight in the living spaces. Thus very different moods can be created by a wide range of colors in conjunction with stepless dimming. "LUXline" is a PET channel for floor, wall or ceiling - depending on where LED lighting should be positioned. Moreover, it's perfectly combinable with skirting boards with a floor covering width of 19 - 22 mm. Especially in the floor / skirting area "LUXline" creates an ideal night or emergency lighting, thus ensuring safety. Equipped with elongated holes on the back the duct can be easily aligned and screwed onto the wall. Alternatively, it can also be glued. The skirting board can then simply be mounted atop. The front of the LED duct is equipped with a removable lid that allows access to the LED strip at all times.

LED duct LUXline
LED-duct "LUXline"
Floor covering width 22 mm.
Corner piece "LUXline"
Can be used as inner corner, outer corner, end cap or cable output.
Your Benefits
  • >Suitable for all commercially available LED strips.
  • >Simple, quick and safe installation.
  • >LED strip remains accessible at all times.
  • >Combinable with skirting boards.
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