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Clip skirting boards, aluminium

With concealed clip fixture.

The basic element of the skirting board system is the newly developed clip to which the entire series of aluminium skirting boards is tailored. Depending on the height of the board it is attached horizontally or vertically, thus guaranteeing an optimum contact pressure to the wall. To ensure rapid and accurate alignment of the clips they are equipped with guide grooves and slotted holes. Even in the event of uneven drilling accuracy precise adjustments can be made to the clips so that the boards are always fitted optimally to the underlying and abutting surfaces. Depending on the wall structure the skirting boards can be superimposed or flush-mounted. Superimposed installation is particularly suitable for solid walls in combination with complete door frames as a lateral border. As an alternative the skirting boards may also be applied in an undercut manner using plasterboard panelling. The programme also includes two aluminium skirting boards with an integrated LED channel. Type 357 features an LED channel with horizontal light emission sealed by means of a translucent flap. In the case of Type 358 the LED light is radiated indirectly, thus off ering a pleasantly unobtrusive appearance.

Clip skirting boards, aluminium
Clip skirting board no. 359:
Floor covering width 10 mm
Clip skirting board no. 354-356:
Floor covering width 13 mm
Your Benefits
  • >Fantastic appearance thanks to concealed clip fastening.
  • >Wide covering of expansion joints.
  • >Superimposed or flush-mount installation possible.
  • >Grooves for optional use of seals.
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