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Aluminium Clips skirting board no. 350

(1) Mark drill holes

[] (1) Bohrlöcher anzeichnen

6 clips are included per baseboard. Follow a laying interval of about 40 cm. Mark drill holes.

(2) Drill holes

[] (2) Löcher bohren

Drill holes with 5 mm Ø.

(3) Attach plastic clip

[] (3) Kunststoff-Clip befestigen

Screw plastic clip to the wall. The vertical slots allow for subsequent height correction. After screwing, the lower part of the clip is located on the flooring.
Expansion joint width: max. 22 mm.

(4) Lay cables

[] (4) Kabel verlegen

Lay cables in the clips.

(5) Fasten upper profile

[] (5) Oberprofil befestigen

Clip and link upper profile.