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LED-Duct "LUXline" – Laying instruction 873

(1) Gluing the LED duct

The LED duct can be glued to the floor, wall or ceiling with standard mounting adhesive.
If the subsurface is very uneven, poor or friable, we recommend using a two-component adhesive.
Remove excessive adhesive remains carefully. Let the adhesive cure completely before mounting the LED strip.

(2) Alternatively: Screw LED duct

Mark drill holes and drill. Insert plugs into the holes so that they are completely flush with the drill hole. Because of the slotted holes the LED duct can be aligned easily. We recommend using pan head screws.

(3) Insert LED Strip

Remove protective film and glue the LED strip into the LED duct bit by bit.
Power supply and IR sensor (optional) for the LED strip needs to be taken into account. All standard LED strips can be used (supply voltage: 12 V max). Please consider the installation instructions of the LED strip.

(4) Snap on faceplate

The faceplate of the LED duct snaps in easily and provides access to the LED strip at any time.

(5) Assembly of the corner piece

Optional: The LUXline corner piece can be used as an inner corner, outer corner, end cap or outlet, depending on the direction in which the opening is placed.
The corner piece should be fixed with a small glue dot on the duct.

(6) Combined with skirting board

The LED duct can be perfectly combined with skirting boards with a floor covering width ranging from 19 to 22 mm. After installing the LED duct the skirting board can simply be mounted on top of the duct according to the installation instructions of the manufacturer.