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LPS 220 screw profile system

(1) Fitting of base section

[] (1) Basisprofil montieren

Position the base profile while considering the necessary expansion joints for the flooring. Consult the flooring manufacturer's instructions if necessary. Optional: Mark the drill holes using a pencil.
We recommend to screw the base profile to the ground, as this ensures tensile and shear strength.

Drill the holes for the dowels using a 5 mm drill. Now put the dowels into the drilled holes, so that they completely submerge in the drill holes. Fasten the base profile to the ground with the screws provided. On wooden surfaces, the screws can be screwed directly through the mounting holes into the ground.

(2) Lay on top section

[] (2) Oberprofil auflegen

The double web of the top section is fitted over the screw channel of the base section under slight pressure.

(3) Fixing of top section

[] (3) Oberprofil fixieren

The accompanying Torx screws are now screwed by means of a cordless screwdriver with bit Torx (T10) into the screw channel. Make sure that the cordless screwdriver is set at a low level to avoid the screws to over-tighten.

Alternatively: Screw in the Torx screws using a Torx screwdriver (T10).

(4) Dismantling

[] (4) Demontage

To remove the profile, loosen the screws by aid of a cordless screwdriver with bit Torx T 10 and carefully remove the screws. The screws can be reused if properly applied. Lift the top section slightly when dismantling, so that the screws are lifted out of the screw channel.