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PS 400 Cable duct – Laying instruction 430

(1) Fitting of base section

[] (1) Basisprofil montieren

Screw or glue the base section with the subsurface. We recommend bolting down.

Align the base section on the subsurface considering an extension joint. Drill the holes for the anchors through the screw holes of the base section by means of a 5 mm drill. The anchors can be placed into the floor directly through the drill holes of the bottom section.

Use a two-package system or glue with especially high adhesiveness, e.g. Kleiberit. Have the glue completely cured before fixing the top section.

(2) Laying protective conductors

[] (2) Schutzleiter

If live wires are laid in the cable duct, the section must be earthed with a protective conductor by a qualified electrician. If more than one duct is laid, the base sections must be connected with a cable bridge. The top section is in contact with the earthed base section through the attachment using drilling screws. No protective conductor is required for data, network or loudspeaker cables.

(3) Inserting cables

[] (3) Kabel einlegen

The cables to be laid can now be inserted into the cable duct of the base section. If more than one cable is laid per duct, they have to be bundled at a spacing of 30 cm. The cable must not be twisted and must lie smoothly within the cable duct. A suitable insulation tape can be used for bundling.

(4) Attaching the top section

[] (4) Oberprofil anlegen

The guides of the top section surround the sides of the cable duct and the base section. The top section automatically matches the floor covering in height and inclination. When attaching the top section, it must be ensured that no cable is located between the top section and the base section.

(5) Select drilling screws, fixing of top section

[] (5) Oberprofil fixieren

The correct length of the screw can be determined by putting the screw into the screw hole. The length is correct, if the screw projects 4 - 8 mm. To fix the top section, please use an accumulator screwdriver with bit PH-1. Under slight pressure and with average torque, the drilling screws drive a thread into the screw base of the base section.

The screw can be unscrewed and screwed in again.