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PS 400 profile system – Laying instruction

(1) Fitting of base section

[] (1) Basisprofil montieren

Screw or glue the base section with the subsurface. We recommend bolting down.

Align the base section on the subsurface considering an extension joint. Drill the holes for the anchors through the screw
holes of the base section by means of a 5 mm drill. The anchors can be placed into the floor directly through the drill holes of the bottom section.

Use a two-package system or glue with especially high adhesiveness, e.g. Kleiberit. Have the glue completely cured before fixing the top section.

(2) Lay on top section

[] (2) Oberprofil fixieren

The guiding web of the top section is taken up by the swivel channel of the base section. The top section automatically adapts to the floor covering in height and inclination.

(3) Select drilling screws

[] (3) Bohrschrauben auswählen

The correct length of the screw can be easily determined by putting the screw into the screw hole of the top section.
The length is correct, if the screw projects 4–8 mm. Drilling screw DIN 7505 / P with Philips PH-1 head.
Construction height 7–12 mm = drilling screw 13 mm.
Construction height 12–15 mm = drilling screw 16 mm.
Construction height 15–17.5 mm = drilling screw 19 mm.

(4) Fixing of top section

[] (4) Oberprofil fixieren

For fixing the top section, please use an accumulator screwdriver with bit PH-1. Under slight pressure and setting an average torque on the accumulator screwdriver, the drilling screws drive a thread into the screw base of the base section.

The screws can be unscrewed and screwed in again.