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Timeless and attractive skirting boards

Attractive design, timeless elegance, exclusivity - that's aluminium skirting boards by Prinz. They are the the icing on the cake of a high-quality floor covering. They may even set counterpoints by not disappearing optically, but designing the room intentionally enhancing it visually. If the aesthetics is joined by optimal functionality, then a perfect symbiosis is created. Aluminium skirting boards are not only elegant, they are also practical, because they offer the possibility of laying multiple cables hidden along the wall.

Clip skirting boards, aluminium

Clip skirting boards, aluminium

Aluminium skirting "Cultus 45"

Clip skirting boards, aluminium

Skirtings with slide in-unit

Aluminium skirting boards

Wall skirtings for laminate

PVC skirting boards