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Special profiles and custom made products

Profiles according to customer blueprints and specifications.

Prinz has a long-standing and extensive expertise in producing innovative profile systems. From this experience we also benefit in the production of special profiles for a wide range of industries. The combination of technology and industry expertise enables us to extrude virtually any aluminum profile according to your wishes, ranging from hollow sections to flat and asymmetric profile. We analyze and evaluate each project carefully in order to implement customised special profiles according to individual specifications and blueprints. Of course we accompany the entire production process, including post processing and surface finishing, in an advisory capacity, so that the appropriate profile for your special needs is developed.

Fields of application

Extruded aluminum profiles are used in many industries and applications. Prinz customizes for each application according to your individual specifications. In the production of special and custom profiles we consider the special needs of different industries and the specific expectations of our customers.
We will be glad to inform you about custom profiles for exhibition and shopfitting, ship and railway equipment, automotive and other applications in a personal conversation.

Exhibition and store construction

Ship equipment

Railway equipment

Vehicle construction

Profiles for decorative or constructive use.

Prinz manufactures extruded aluminium profiles for decorative or constructive use. Our services also include cutting, drilling, milling, punching, deburring and CNC machining as well as various surface treatments like powder-coating, anodising, coating and printing. We meet almost any request for a profile in an individual design. From a minimum order quantity starting at 500 kg, we produce your custom profile usually within 12 to 24 weeks (depending on complexity).

Process of manufacturing a profile

The more specific the planned use, the more individual are the requirements to your profile. Therefore, a particularly detailed review and evaluation of your request is needed. After passing the feasibility study the starting signal for your production can be given. After that your special profile runs through a production process with integrated quality controls. In this way, problems can be discussed in advance and alternative, cost-effective solutions may be found. We are happy to develop an economic design suitable for production with you.

Mechanical processing and surface treatments.

You'll receive mechanically processed aluminium profiles. We also offer different finishing options to achieve the optimum finish for your special profile, depending on your specific needs.

Mechanical processing

  • cutting
  • drilling
  • milling
  • punching
  • deburring
  • CNC-machining

Surface refinement

  • anodising
  • powder-coating
  • foil-coating
  • printing
  • polishing

Individual consultancy for special profiles and custom made products

Your contact at Prinz:

Mr Lars Beckers

Tel.: +49 2823 9326-29