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Prinz’s power of innovation

The Prinz Power Principle

“Strong connection. Smart technology.” is our motto and our daily endeavour.

Prinz specialises in the development of intelligent profile systems for floors, walls and ceilings. User friendliness, safety, and perfect design are always the highest priority.

Numerous product patents attest to this. Our long-term commitment is to an innovative company culture and top quality.

Process expertise

Our customers benefit from Prinz’s process expertise which covers all the steps involved in development, testing and manufacture from the initial idea to market launch. Thus we are able to react directly to changes in the market, respond to the wishes of individual customers and guarantee top quality on an ongoing basis.

Smart product systems

At Prinz we see ourselves as problem solvers in the flooring technology sector. For our customers we develop well thought-out, safe and durable product systems which facilitate a time-saving, simple, laying process. Users value the high non-positive connectivity of the profile systems and the advantages they offer during processing.

Market partnership

Our pioneering product portfolio which offers the right solutions for all requirements, high-yield products “made in Germany”, a high level of commodity availability, and sophisticated logistics all make Prinz a reliable, strong partner. An integrated view of quality and performance is one of our “Prinz-iples”.

Prinz’s pioneering programme

132 years of experience and product know-how form the foundation of the Prinz profile programme. Innovations and product developments guarantee its ongoing regeneration.

All Prinz floor, wall and ceiling products are available for delivery from stock; they are supplemented by customised articles and objects made to specifications which are manufactured as ordered.

Since 2009, the Prinz programme has also incorporated top-quality impact sound insulation products and parquet underlays. These include acoustic insulation products for optimum acoustics, premium products for heavy-traffic floors, underlays made of sustainable raw materials and decoupling mats for full-surface bonding of parquet floors.

Prinz’s customised solutions

Prinz constructs specialised profiles and custom-made products for various branches and a wide range of purposes following individual specifications. The main emphasis is on extruded aluminium profiles which are constructed, manufactured, processed and finished according to the requirements of the customer.

Specialised profiles are also routinely used in outfitting vehicles, trains and ships as well as in shopfitting and exhibition stand construction. The customer benefits from the consulting and processing expertise “made by Prinz”. We develop customised solutions for each area of use following extensive consultation and comprehensive feasibility checks.