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Prinz's history since 1890

Over 132 years of family business with tradition.

The Prinz Company, founded by businessman Carl Prinz in 1890, has its origins in Werdohl, in the Sauerland region. From 1924 onwards, it developed from a wholesale business for internal decoration items and brassware, into a manufacturer of brass sections and curtain rails. In 1956 the buildings in Werdohl became too small, and the company moved to Goch in the Lower Rhine region.

Joachim W. Prinz – grandson of the company’s founder – strategically reoriented the product program. In-house production became the main focus, concentrating on all activities for the development and manufacture of high-quality sections for floors, walls and ceilings.

In 1990, the Prinz D.O.S. System (Anchored without screws) – the first section system with concealed fastening – came onto the market. The Prinz Profi-Tec Clips section system with its ground-breaking ball and joint technology followed in the second half of the 90’s. At the beginning of the new millennium, the PS400 Screw section system was ready for the market – the first European wide section system with self-tapping screws.

1997 was another milestone in the company's history. A modern logistics center with an adjoining production hall for picking and packaging was built on a 27,000 m² site in Goch-West. In order to achieve synergy effects for the company and customers, in 2009 Prinz took over ProtectFloor GmbH, which was specialized in footfall sound insulations and parquet underlays.

As a result, the program was constantly expanded to include new, innovative product systems to install floor coverings. This required the expansion of the logistics center in 2010 and 2014. Today, Prinz delivers over 4,000 catalogue items within 24 hours from stock. Fixed lengths, special finishings or customer-specific profiles are produced from semi-finished goods with a short delivery time.

In 2017, the neighbouring property in the Goch-West industrial area was acquired and the location could be expanded significantly again. Production and administration were relocated from Goch's inner city to the industrial area. In the same year, Joachim W. Prinz left the management board. Since then, Katharina Prinz has been the sole managing director.


Clip skirting board Design 402019100191.


Design Step stair nosing system DBGM 20 2019 100 158.


Acquisition of the property on von-Monschaw-Straße. Relocation of production and administration.


Celebration of the 125th company anniversary with a big gala event.


Profi-Design system
DBGM 20 2012 102 304.0.


PS 400 PEP system
Patent-No. 2374962.


Expansion of the logistics centre.


Takeover of ProtectFloor GmbH and expansion of the product range to include impact sound insulation.


New brand, new catalogue.


Prinz PS 400 cable ducts.



Prinz PS 400 system patent no. 1442687




Prinz PROFI-TEC system



New distribution and logistics center 


Prinz D.O.S. system.



Relocation to the Lower Rhine Region




In-house production.




Enterprise foundation