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D.O.S. profile system – Laying instruction 200

(1) Drilling 6 mm holes

[] (1) Bohrlöcher setzen

Remove old floor covering at the drill hole. Drill diameter 6 mm (leave an expansion joint!).
The hole distances are arbitrary. Position the two outer bores as far out as possible.
Remove drilling dust and check drill hole depth (=anchor length + 1 cm).

(2) Insert anchors

[] (2) Dübel einschieben

Push the anchors into the locating slot. Use all the anchors supplied.

(3) Align anchors

[] (3) Dübel ausrichten

Align anchors over the drill holes.

(4) Fixing

[] (4) Fixieren

Force anchors evenly into the drill holes to avoid damage to the section. Use a piece of wood when hammering.

(5) Dismantling

[] (5) Demontage

It is easy to dismantle a D.O.S. section. Carefully slide a spatula along under the section until you come up to an anchor head. The anchor can be separated with a well-aimed hammer blow.
The section is undamaged and can be re-used with new anchors.