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LPS Design section system - Laying instruction 326

(1) Screw the base section

(1) Basisprofil verlegen

Position the base section on the surface and mark the holes. Drill the holes for the anchors using a 5 mm drill. Insert the anchors so that they will completely disappear in the drill hole.

Fasten the basic section with the supplied screws.

(2) Alternative: Basic section gluing

(2) Alternativ: Basisprofil verkleben

When gluing the base section it is important to ensure that the surface is free of separating agents. You can use a two-component adhesive or adhesive with particularly high adhesive strength. After having glued the base section, the excess adhesive must be smoothly removed. Have the adhesive completely cured before fitting the upper section.

(3) Put on the upper section

(3) Oberprofil auflegen

Consider sufficient expansion joints when laying the floor covering. Put on the LPS design top section in such a way that the guide web lies against the screw channel of the base section.

(4) Fix the upper section

(4) Oberprofil fixieren

There are three different lengths of screws provided. Select  the correct screw length depending on the thickness of the floor covering. Fasten the torx screws with a screwdriver (bit torx T10) into the screw channel.

The screws can be easily removed and screwed in again.