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PROFI-TEC Clips profile system - Laying instruction 300

(1) Gluing of base section

[] (1) Basisprofil verkleben

It is best if you glue the base section onto the subsurface. We recommend a polyurethane adhesive on perfect screed or wood, an epoxy resin or silan modified polymers (SMP, for example Bostik Superfix) on poor screed and friable expansion joints.

(2) Align the base section

[] (2) Im Klebebett ausrichten

Apply the adhesive and align the base section correctly. (leave an expansion joint), then remove any excess. Allow the adhesive to dry completely before fixing the upper section of the trim.

(3) Alternatively: Screwing

[] (3) Basisprofil verschrauben

Align the base section on the subsurface and mark the drill holes through the small holes (leave an expansion joint). Position the two outer holes as close to the ends as possible, but within 4 cm from the edge. Push dowels completely into the drill holes. Use countersunk head screws.

(4) Engaging profile

[] (4) Profil einrasten

Press the upper section into the base section until it engages slightly. The flexible web acts like a ball-and-socket-joint in the clamping channel. The section adapts easily to the height and inclination of the floor covering.

(5) Fixing of top section

[] (5) Oberprofil fixieren

Knock the upper section into the lower using a hammer and a block of wood to spread the blow. The section engages until it sits tight on both sides.

(6) Dismantling

[] (6) Demontage

Push a spatula under the section and lever up the upper section over a legth of 20 cm. Carefully pull off the section. After the maintenance or other work has been completed, the upper section can be inserted again into the base section.