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Planning tools for contractors, shopfitter & exhibition booth constructors

Visualize it yourself

As an contractor, shopfitter or exhibition booth constructor you need products that you can rely on. To give yout the opportunity to evaluate Prinz's quality for yourself, we prepared various product samples. These planning facilities are available on request to make your decision even easier.

Prinz sample case

> Contains all metal sections as a short sample

> With practical middle pocket to store catalogue.

Prinz sample boards

> Laid sections on various floor coverings.

> Illustration of the technique of the various systems.

> Dimensions about 20 x 30 cm.

Prinz sample chains

> Various short samples for each product group.

> Length of samples is about 10 cm.

Sample programme

We will gladly provide samples of our complete range. Please ask for individual samples via the menu item "Product samples (request)". In addition, the Prinz sample programme includes an extensive range of standardized samples. These include, for example,

> Sample case including all metal sections.
> Sample boards that illustrate the utilisation of different profiles.
> Sample chains that combine different short samples of a product group.
> Product Overview "impact sound insulation + underlays" including original samples.

This sample assortment gets partially charged. we will inform you immediately about the costs. Please use the contact form below.

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Panels marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.