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Display stands – Various modules

Prinz sales promotion

Compact module 50 cm

  • Ideal for secondary placements, for presenting special product ranges and for small exhibition spaces.
  • High inventory turnover can be reached since 10 items can be fitted in a very small space.

Basic module "Profiles"

  • The modules are provided with a grid either 100 cm or 125 cm wide.
  • As per the principle of “maximum competence on the smallest space”, Prinz already offers a
    balanced and professional system with a basic module.
  • The product range is designed so that it contains price-entry level –as well as range- and professional items, and presents various price segments.
  • The module is characterised by a high inventory turnover and high-yielding trade margins.

Profiles and installation accessories 3 x 125 cm

> The basic element is modularly expandable.

> That way, product ranges with different problem solutions can be developed as per the client’s wishes.

> The product range can be meaningfully completed with installation accessories and provides a requirement-based approach to the fitting of floor coverings.

> All mounting suggestions are developed individually according to client’s requirements. We will be glad to advise you.

> The customer-friendly colour coding system and the informative pictograms on the labels facilitate customer’s navigation and product selection.

Plastic skirting boards 2 x 125 cm

> The picture shows a basic range of plastic skirting boards for textile and flexible floor coverings.

> The various types of skirting boards are separated by the respective associated range of inner and outer corners, clips, etc.

> Thus the sales wall is visually structured and clear.

> The customer can orientate himself easily and quickly select the required accessory.

Laminate and parquet skirting boards 2 x 125 cm

> The basic range of "laminate and parquet skirting boards" contains various types of skirting boards that can be added to the skirting boards "Hamburg" and "Weimar".

>In that case also, the corresponding associated accessory is positioned next to the associated strip; this facilitates the consultation process and promotes the system sales.

Display auto-adhesive

> For canopies (back wall with angular brackets).

> Fitting for back walls 125 x 40 cm and 100 x 40 cm.

Display stand 50 cm

> Compact module for the presentation of 10 SB-profiles up to 100 cm.

> With cover for displays in the format 50 x 20 cm.

Display auto-adhesive

> For display stand 50 cm.

Sales box impact sound insulation

> Construction set including assembly material and self-adhesive display.

> For the presentation of different insulating materials.


> For all displays and stands a wide range of accessories is available - for replacement, restoration and extension.

> Available items include connectors, footboards, back walls, canopies, angular brackets, shelves, hooks etc.

> For more information please download our › PDF programme, please send a request or contact us directly.

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