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Aluminium clips skirting boards

(1) Preparations

For the installation of the aluminum clips skirting board, a levelled wall and floor is required. Please note the flatness tolerances of DIN EN 18 202.

The overall strength of the plaster or plasterboard wall including smoothing and wallpaper should not exceed the profile thickness.

(2) Mounting the clips

Using a laser liner or a cord stroke, mark the holes for the fastening clips within a distance of approximately 50 cm. Please note that the height of the drill hole must always be measured from the upper edge of the floor. The clip is mounted either horizontally or vertically, depending on the skirting board used. Due to the long hole, the clip can be readjusted before clipping the skirting board.

The hole should be placed about 2 mm higher when using the sealing lip.

(3) Insert sealing lip

Optionally, a sealing lip can be inserted at the top and/or bottom of the grooves in the skirting board to reduce the transmission of sound or to prevent the ingress of moisture.

(4) Installation of the skirting board

The skirting board is now cut to length and then simply pressed frontally onto the clip. To ensure the final position and firmness of the skirting board, we recommend using a soft, non-marking rubber mallet to press on the skirting board. When using the skirting board under plaster we recommend a distance between plaster or plasterboard to the top edge of the profile of approx. 10 mm in the form of a shadow gap.

To disassemble the skirting, slide a sturdy spatula between the skirting board and the wall and gently pry off the skirting board.

(5) Insert LED Strips

When using an LED skirting board, an LED strip can be glued into the groove provided.

It is recommended to have it mounted and connected by a trained electrician.

(6) Insert LED diffuser

No. 357 only: For a clean transition at inner and outer corners, we recommend cutting, heating and bending the LED diffuser. Use a hot air dryer to heat the LED diffuser.

Then clip the LED diffuser into the designated groove of the skirting board.